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Greenify Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems


Hot water systems are major energy consumers in homes, accounting for about 21% of total household energy usage, as per data from YourHome. This substantial consumption significantly affects energy bills. However, adopting efficient hot water systems like heat pumps or solar-powered options can drastically reduce these costs and environmental impact.

Why Choose Solar and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems?

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Bills

Both solar hot water and heat pump systems operate at a higher efficiency than traditional water heating methods, consuming less energy. These systems can be powered by renewable energy, further reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs. On average, households save $140-$400 annually on electricity bills by installing solar hot water systems.

Ideal for Various Home Types

These systems are excellent for homes where solar panels are not viable or for those already equipped with solar panels, enhancing energy savings without requiring significant modifications.

Dual Savings: Solar PV and Hot Water Rebates

Enhanced Savings with Rebates

The Solar Homes Program supports eligible Victorian households by offering rebates for both solar PV and hot water systems. This initiative allows homeowners to maximize their savings on energy costs by upgrading both their solar power generation and water heating methods.

Moving House? No Problem!

For existing customers who relocate, Solar Victoria facilitates easy access to incentives at new residences, provided eligibility criteria are met, which includes rebates for solar PV, hot water systems, and solar batteries.

Eligibility Criteria for Hot Water Rebates

  • You must be an owner-occupier of the property where the system is installed.
  • The combined taxable income of all homeowners must be below $210,000 annually.
  • The property value should be under $3 million.
  • No previous hot water or solar battery rebates have been claimed for the same property under the Solar Homes Program.
  • The system being replaced must be at least three years old.

Simplified Process for Hot Water Installations

Step 1: Obtain a Quote

Contact an authorised hot water retailer to get a quote. Ensure to communicate your intention to apply for the rebate, which requires obtaining an eligibility number for proceeding with the installation.

Step 2: Apply for the Rebate

The application for the rebate is streamlined through the hot water rebate portal, with distinct procedures for new and existing customers.

Step 3: Installation

Once approved, you can schedule the installation with an authorised retailer. The rebate will be directly applied to your invoice, lowering the upfront cost significantly.

Emergency Installation Process

In emergencies, such as a system breakdown, you can proceed with the installation before rebate approval to ensure continuous access to hot water. However, eligibility must be confirmed soon after to secure the rebate.


Upgrading to an energy-efficient hot water system is not just economically wise but also environmentally responsible. Greenify Energy is committed to helping you make this transition smoothly and affordably, ensuring you enjoy lower bills and a sustainable home environment. Start your journey towards a greener home today!