Complaint Handling Procedure


Greenify Energy is committed to effectively and efficiently responding to customer feedback to improve our services and deliver better outcomes. Although we aim to provide top-quality service, there are occasions when we may receive customer complaints. We understand these occurrences and are dedicated to resolving them as swiftly as possible.


This policy covers complaints regarding: a. Solar systems and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems supplied and installed by Greenify Energy. b. Services provided by Greenify Energy. c. Employees, installers, or sales consultants.

What Is A Complaint?

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to us about any of our products and services or the manner in which a complaint has been handled. We prioritize urgent complaints for immediate resolution and address non-urgent complaints as promptly as possible.

Our Complaint Handling Procedure:

We aim to resolve complaints when they are first raised. If a complaint requires further investigation, we will inform the customer of our steps within five (5) business days and work towards a prompt resolution. If the resolution does not satisfy the complainant, the issue will be escalated to higher management to expedite a satisfactory resolution.

We commit to resolving all complaints within twenty (20) business days of receipt, unless circumstances dictate an extended timeline. For more complex issues extending beyond twenty (20) business days, we will update the customer on the reasons for the delay. Any necessary further investigation will be completed within 25 business days of the complaint’s receipt.

During the complaint resolution process, we will keep the complainant updated via phone calls and/or emails. If dissatisfaction persists, the complaint will be escalated further within our management hierarchy to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Lodging a Complaint:

If a customer is not satisfied with our resolution, Greenify Energy will provide the appropriate details for escalating the complaint either internally or to external industry consumer protection organizations for independent resolution.

We ensure that all customers are fully aware of the complaint avenues available, which are clearly documented in this procedure. Customers whose issues remain unresolved after our attempts will be directed to the relevant industry ombudsman or consumer affairs body.

Greenify Energy maintains rigorous records of all complaints and their outcomes.

Contact Details for Lodging a Complaint:

For external escalations, if necessary, the relevant authorities’ details are provided above.

Please note, all our services and products are bound by the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC), ensuring compliance and protection in our dealings.