Terms & Conditions


This agreement applies to and is binding between PATEL, NILESHKUMAR HARESHBHAI Trading as Greenify Energy (“we” or “us”) and the customer named in the attached Quote (“you”).

Composition of the Agreement

1.1 This agreement comprises:

  • These Terms and Conditions.
  • The Quote attached to these Terms and Conditions.

Coverage of the Agreement

1.2 This agreement encompasses:

  • Your purchase of the solar photovoltaic system and other equipment, collectively referred to as the “System,” as described in the Full System Design attached to this agreement.
  • The delivery and installation of the System at your premises.

Commencement and Termination of the Agreement

1.3 This agreement takes effect when you accept our offer detailed in the Quote. Acceptance can be indicated by:

  • Signing and returning the Quote by mail or delivery to the address indicated in the Quote.
  • Signing, scanning, and emailing the Quote to our email address as stated in the Quote.
  • Accepting the offer via phone, using the number provided in the Quote, after which a full copy of this agreement will be sent to you by post or email within one week of acceptance.

1.4 The purchase of the System is finalized only after:

  • You have paid the Deposit.
  • Grid Connection Approval has been granted by your electricity distributor.

1.5 The agreement concludes once we have completed the installation and commissioning of the System, unless terminated earlier by either party as per the terms of this agreement.

1.6 Post completion, the warranties and related terms in clause 11 continue for the specified Guarantee Period.

Additional Regulations

1.7 This agreement adheres to various laws and codes, including the Australian Consumer Law and the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC), which govern the sale and installation of solar photovoltaic systems.


1.8 Capitalized terms within this agreement are defined in clause 16.

Sale of the System

2.1 Upon fulfillment of the conditions in clause 1.4, we agree to sell and you agree to purchase the System under the terms of this agreement.


3.1 Deposit: You must pay the Deposit at the same time as you accept the offer detailed in the Quote.

3.2 Balance: You must pay the remaining balance when we schedule the job.
3.3 Ownership: Title in the System transfers to you upon payment of the Balance, provided all other amounts due have been paid.

Payment Methods

3.4 Payments can be made via bank transfer into the account details mentioned on the quote.

3.5 Payment is considered made when we receive the cleared funds in our bank account.

Conditions for System Installation

4.1 If the agreement is terminated before installation for specified reasons, we will promptly refund any payments made by you.

Price Adjustments

5.1 We reserve the right to adjust the price of the System or its installation to cover any new or increased costs, under the conditions outlined in clauses 5.2 and 5.3. 5.2 Price increases are subject to reasonable justification and legal permissibility, with notice provided at least one week before the scheduled installation date. 5.3 If you choose not to accept a price increase, you may terminate the agreement as described in clause 5.4.

Grid Connection and Other Approvals

6.1 Grid Connection: We will apply for Grid Connection Approval on your behalf and keep you updated on the progress. 6.2 Other Approvals: You are responsible for obtaining any other required approvals, permits, or consents. These approvals do not affect the sale and installation of the System.

Delivery and Installation

7.1 Delivery: We must deliver the System to your premises once all conditions are met. 7.2 Installation: We must install the System at your premises in accordance with the Full System Design. 7.3 Installation Standards: Installation will be conducted by a CEC-Accredited Installer, adhering to all applicable guidelines and standards.

System Maintenance and Performance

9.1 You will receive Maintenance Documents and are responsible for maintaining the System as per these guidelines.

Incentives and Assignments

10.1 STC Incentive: We will calculate and deduct the STC Incentive from the System price based on legal entitlements. 10.3 Assignment of STCs: You assign all rights to STCs to us, and must assist in confirming this assignment.

Warranties and Guarantees

11.1 Warranty of Workmanship and System Performance

Subject to the conditions outlined in clause 11.2, we provide a warranty that:

  • Our workmanship and the workmanship of our contractors in installing the System.
  • The operation and performance of the System will be free from faults or defects for a period of 5 years starting from the date the System is installed (Warranty Period). Should any faults or defects be reported during this period, we will undertake repairs, which may include replacing all or part of the System as necessary, within a reasonable timeframe at no cost to you.

11.2 Exclusions to the Warranty

The warranty provided in clause 11.1 does not apply in the following situations:

  • If the fault or defect is not notified to us within the Warranty Period.
  • If the fault or defect arises due to:
    • Actions taken by you or someone else that were not authorized by us or our contractors.
    • Events beyond human control that occurred after installation, such as extreme weather events.
    • Misuse, abuse, neglect, or damage of the System after installation.
    • Maintenance of the System conducted in a manner not in accordance with the provided Maintenance Documents.
    • The System being repaired, modified, reinstalled, or repositioned by anyone other than a service technician approved by us in writing.

11.3 Additional Guarantees and Warranties

The warranty in clause 11.1 is in addition to any other guarantees or warranties you may hold:

  • From the manufacturer of the System.
  • Under any applicable law, including the Australian Consumer Law. Please note that these additional guarantees and warranties may not cover labor costs, travel costs, and delivery costs related to a claim. We will inform you if this is the case and provide details of any costs payable, which will be required in advance.

11.4 Assistance with Claims

During the Warranty Period, we will offer reasonable assistance to you in making any guarantee or warranty claims against the manufacturer of the System. This includes acting as your liaison with the manufacturer to facilitate the resolution of your claim.

This section comprehensively outlines your protections under the warranty provisions offered by Greenify Energy, ensuring that you are fully informed of your rights and our commitments throughout the Warranty Period.

12. Termination

You are entitled to terminate the contract and receive a full refund if:

  • There is a significant change proposed by us(whether in the quote or as a first deliverable under the contract).
  • You are unwilling to accept the changes.

Termination Due to Additional Costs from Unforeseen Site Conditions

  • Site conditions or circumstances beyond our control necessitate extra chargeable work not included in the original contract price.
  • We are unwilling to absorb these additional costs.

Termination Due to Delays in Delivery and Installation

You are entitled to terminate the contract and receive a full refund if:
  • We fail to meet the specified timeframe in the contract for the delivery and installation.
  • This clause does not apply if the delay was due to circumstances explicitly identified in the contract as being outside our control.

13. Governing Law

 This agreement is governed by the laws of the State or Territory where the premises are located, and both parties submit to the jurisdiction of its courts.


What happens when you accept the proposal


Contact our friendly team by phone for immediate assistance. To confirm your solar system order and pricing, we require a deposit. This payment can be made through a bank transfer to the following account:

  • Bank Name: Westpac
  • BSB: 732750
  • Account Number: 789438
  • Account Name: Nilesh Kumar Hareshbhai Patel

Once your order is received, our CEC-accredited solar design team will review your system needs and confirm the suitability of your roof placement and system design.


Greenify Energy will manage the grid connection approval application on your behalf. Upon receiving approval, our team will contact you to schedule your installation date.


Our installers are certified by the Clean Energy Council and adhere strictly to both CEC (New Energy Tech Consumer Code) and Australian standards to ensure a high-quality installation. Once the installation is complete, we will guide you through how your new system operates.


After installation, a Certificate of Electrical Safety will be issued. An independent inspector will review and sign off on the installation for compliance. We will handle all the necessary paperwork for connecting your system to the grid and configuring your electricity meter. It’s time to start saving!


Our solar systems are designed to be both sturdy and reliable, ensuring years of energy production. We will proactively contact you when maintenance is required to keep your system at peak performance. Our team is always available to answer any questions you might have about your solar system.


Greenify Energy is committed to delivering solar systems that are tailored to meet your unique needs, taking into account critical factors such as your energy consumption, usage patterns, and the available space on your roof. Our team uses industry-standard tools to accurately estimate the specifications for your system.

Installation Day Details

On the installation day, our certified installers will perform a comprehensive assessment to ensure the suitability of your chosen system and may advise if additional modifications are needed. Please note that any further work will only proceed with your approval.

Cost Information

The cost for a solar electricity meter typically ranges from $0 to $400, depending on your current meter setup, distributor, and retailer. You will need to contact your electricity retailer to confirm these costs.

Should your switchboard require an upgrade, additional charges may range from $100 to $450, inclusive of GST. If a complete switchboard replacement is necessary, costs could range between $800 and $1250, inclusive of GST. We will ensure to discuss any potential additional expenses with you during the inspection.

Roof Compatibility and Preparation

Please be aware of the condition and load-bearing capacity of your roof. Our installers will assess any potential limitations and discuss them with you. For homes with tile roofs, we request that you have 10-15 spare tiles available on the installation day for any necessary replacements.

Electricity Tariff Considerations

It is crucial to contact your electricity retailer before the installation to understand any changes to your electricity tariff once your solar system is operational. This will help you maximize the benefits of switching to solar energy.