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Greenify Energy is a leading provider of energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The company specializes in the supply and installation of solar panels, heat pump hot water systems, and high-efficiency air conditioners. Dedicated to sustainability and innovation, Greenify Energy helps customers across the nation reduce their energy costs and environmental impact through cutting-edge technology and expert services.

Sustainability Focus

Greenify Energy is committed to reducing environmental impact through sustainable energy solutions, helping customers transition to greener alternatives

Product Range

The company offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality, energy-efficient products, including solar panels, heat pump hot water systems, and high-efficiency air conditioners.

Greenify Energy offers a range of specialized services designed to enhance the energy efficiency of residential properties across Australia. Here's an overview of our core services:

Our Expertise

Residential Solar

Greenify Energy provides top-tier solar panel installation services for homeowners looking to harness the power of the sun. Our solar solutions are tailored to maximize energy production and savings, making solar power a smart and sustainable investment for any home.

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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Our heat pump hot water systems are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional electric or gas water heaters. Using advanced heat pump technology to extract heat from the air, these systems use significantly less energy to heat water, reducing both your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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Reverse Cycle Aircons

For targeted heating and cooling, Greenify Energy installs reverse cycle split systems. These systems are perfect for heating or cooling individual rooms or areas in your home. They are energy-efficient, easy to operate, and can be installed in various configurations to suit different space requirements and preferences.

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Sustainable & Affordable Energy!

How we
stand out

At Greenify Energy, we are not just another renewable energy company. Our approach to providing sustainable energy solutions is uniquely designed to cater to the individual needs of our customers across Australia. As you embark on this journey with us, it's important to understand what sets us apart from the rest.

Customized Solutions, Not Sales

Unlike companies driven by sales quotas, Greenify Energy focuses on crafting custom solutions that align perfectly with our clients' specific energy needs and goals. We believe that our role is to guide and inform, not to sell. Each recommendation is made by our team of experts, who are backed by industry leaders and equipped with cutting-edge technology and knowledge. This ensures that our solutions are both innovative and ideally suited to each customer’s unique circumstances.

Customer-Centric Approach

Greenify Energy's ethos is deeply rooted in a customer-first philosophy. Our top rating stems from our unwavering commitment to providing attentive, personalized service at every step. We prioritize clear communication, tailored advice, and responsive support to ensure that every customer's experience is seamless and satisfying. This approach has not only led to high customer satisfaction but also fosters long-term relationships built on trust and reliability


Our streamlined process

Initial Contact

Begin your journey to sustainability by either filling out a contact form on our website or calling us directly. This first step is quick and easy, and it starts your path toward energy efficiency.

Dedicated Expert Assignment

Once we receive your inquiry, we assign a dedicated energy expert to your case. This expert will be your primary point of contact throughout the process.

Site Inspection and Quote

Your assigned expert will schedule a visit to your property to conduct a thorough site inspection. This step is crucial for assessing your specific energy needs and the feasibility of installing energy systems

Review and Acceptance

Take your time to review the provided quote. We encourage you to ask questions or request adjustments if needed. Once you are satisfied and accept the quote, we move forward with the formalities to start the installation process.

Assistance with Rebates

Navigating the paperwork for rebates and government incentives can be daunting. Our team assists customers in applying for applicable rebates and incentives, simplifying the process.

System Installation

We aim to install your chosen system within two weeks of quote acceptance. Our skilled technicians will handle the installation efficiently and with minimal disruption to your daily activities, ensuring high-quality workmanship.

Ongoing Support

After installation, our commitment to you continues. Enjoy exceptional customer service, including assistance with rebate applications and making informed decisions about your energy use.


We actively seek feedback from our customers to continuously improve our services. This feedback is integral to our quality assurance process and helps us to refine and enhance our offerings and customer interactions


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Commercial, Residential & Industrial Solar Systems!

Now Is The Time To Electrify Your Home or Business

Electrifying your home and business reduces reliance on fossil fuels, which are finite and pollute our environment. By transitioning to electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar and wind, you contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. This move helps combat climate change and promotes a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

By electrifying your home and business, you can achieve greater energy independence. Generating your own power means you are less susceptible to fluctuating energy prices and supply disruptions. For businesses, this stability can lead to more predictable operating costs. For homeowners, it provides peace of mind knowing that your home can operate efficiently and sustainably.

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By Simply Switching to High Efficient Heat Pump Hot Water System from Gas or Traditional Electric Hot Water System.

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An Average Household Saves About 50-70% on Electricity Bill by Installing Right Size of Solar System & Battery.

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